Agostino Rocca Refuge

Agostino Rocca Refuge

Located at 1432 meters above sea level on the eastern slope of Cerro Tronador, well-known as Paso de las Nubes, this refuge has a capacity for 80 people divided into 10 rooms. It also has a first aid room, refuge staff quarters, storage, and showers. It features a visitor's kitchen for each hiker to cook their own food and the refuge's kitchen, where visitors can enjoy authentic mountain cuisine. Nestled in an elevation with incredible views, you can observe hills such as Constitución, Cerro Parque, the Frías Glacier, and Argentine and Chilean peaks of Cerro Tronador, as well as a panoramic view of the Alerce River valley and Frías with its impressive lake of crystal-clear green waters.
To reach the refuge, you need to arrive at the Pampa Linda area at the foot of Cerro Tronador, located 87 km from our city, another charming spot in the National Park. From here, walk towards the Castaño Overa River, cross the river's walkway, and follow the National Parks sign that says "Paso de las Nubes." This trail largely follows the Alerce River, takes approximately 4 to 6 hours, and is classified as medium difficulty. Another way to access is from Puerto Blest and Lago Frías.

Total distance

14 km

Maximum elevation

1421.44 m

Minimum elevation

839.27 m