Achalay is deeply committed to environmental care.

Located in a city within a National Park, we are convinced that the responsibility to care for the world we live in lies with everyone, not just the government.
That's why in 2023, we began working even harder to contribute our part. While we've been separating waste at the hostel for several years, since December 2022, we initiated a pilot project for waste separation and recycling in collaboration with the municipal government and the DelTerra Foundation. This project is taking more time than anticipated, but we are approaching it with great responsibility as we learn the intricacies of a task that is more complex than we initially thought. We are part of this successful pilot project, which, by the end of 2023, has involved many more businesses in the city, expanding to the entire municipal area, making our city more environmentally friendly. There is still work to be done, but we have taken the first step together!

We've also established a composting area and are working with Kolibri and Reforestarg to find the optimal way to offset the carbon footprint of the hostel.

We've been on this journey for a year now, and composting and waste separation are already a reality. Our goal for the summer of 2023/2024 is to complete the study of the carbon footprint generated by Hostel Achalay and each of its travelers. This will enable us to offset the damage we cause. Our objective for 2024 is to reach mid-year with these three fronts in optimal operation: responsible waste separation, composting, and carbon footprint offset.

Join our commitment, be part of the change!